Summer 2016 Teacher Workshops


LOCATION:  University of Illinois at Chicago    DHSP Building, 1640 W. Roosevelt Rd., Chicago

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SERIES A: Breaking Down the Writing Process So Everyone Writes (Gr. 1-8)    July 18-21, 2016     9-11:30 a.m.

A1  Prewriting-Helping Students Find Topics—7/18
A2  Writer’s Craft-Characteristics of Good Writing-7/19
A3  Revision-Helping Students Improve Drafts-7/20
A4  Assessing Student Writing-7/21
This series is for teachers new to teaching writing and for those who want to  add some creative, classroom-tested ideas to their lessons.

SERIES B:   New Writing Territories       July 19-21, 2016      12:15-2:45 p.m.         

B1       “The College Essay”  (Gr. 10-12)           7/19     For teachers who want to help their students apply to colleges, but who are new to this genre.  Patricia Delacruz will show you the ins and outs of this very specific kind of writing which will help you help your students.

B2          “Shakespeare for Everyone”   (Gr. 6+)      7/20     Michelle Balice will share classroom-tested ways you can help students comprehend Shakespearean language as well as to find their inner bard and connect Shakespeare with their own writing.  For middle and secondary teachers.

B3         “The Blended Classroom: Technology, Data and Assessment” (Gr. 4+)      7/21   John Nieciak will show how informational texts, technology and online assessments can be used in the language arts classroom to target and deepen student learning.