Teacher Programs


LOCATION:  University of Illinois at Chicago                    DHSP Building, 1640 W. Roosevelt Rd., Chicago

For registration form, click here   Fall 2017 Workshops (A-G) registration flyer

FRIDAY Workshops         9  a.m.-2:45 p.m. includes lunch                           Early Bird Fee: $125 each    (Register 10 days before each workshop.)         Regular Fee: $150 each

Fri., Oct. 13   A. Mentor Texts to Improve Writing (Gr. 3+)               Imitation is not only the sincerest form of flattery, it’s also a great tool for helping writers understand the characteristics of genres, word choice, author’s style and more.    Early Bird Registration: Oct. 3     Read more

 Fri., Oct. 27    C. Understanding Reading and Writing on the PARCC  (Gr. 3-8)    New to the PARCC? This workshop gives an overview of its important characteristics and will show which reading strategies/ concepts and writing genres are featured.  Laptops are recommended, but not required.     Early Bird Registration: Oct. 17, 2017    Read more

 Fri., Nov. 10     E. Primary Writing Workshop (Gr. 1-3)                          Support our youngest authors by learning how to plan mini-lessons, manage writing conferences, assess development, create a pacing chart, and lots more!  Early Bird Registration: Nov. 1   Read more

Fri., Dec. 1       F. Non-Fiction Writing in the Age of Fake News  (Gr. 4+)   Whether writing basic summaries, arguments or longer reports and essays, students need help distinguishing facts from opinion and finding reliable sources.    Early Bird Registration: Nov. 22   Read more

SATURDAY Morning Workshops            10:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m.             Early Bird Fee: $50 each    (Register 10 days before each workshop.)          Regular Fee: $75 each

Sat., Oct. 14           B. Using a New Poetic Form Honoring Gwendolyn Brooks (Gr.  6+)   Guest Presenter, Peter Kahn, Oak Park-River Forest HS teacher & Co-Editor of  The Golden Shovel Anthology  will lead teachers through a lesson plan for getting students to write poems  following the “Golden Shovel form.”     Registration includes free book.    Early Bird Registration: Oct. 4  Read more

Sat., Nov. 4                D. Understanding the SAT (Secondary)                    Find out which literacy skills the SAT prioritizes, how the SAT compares/contrasts with the ACT, how Common Core standards translate to the SAT, and mini-lessons that equip their students for the every section of this newly revised standardized challenge.   Early Bird Registration: Oct. 25     Read more

 Sat., Dec. 2           G. Understanding the SAT (Secondary)                              Same as Workshop D.             Early Bird Registration: Nov. 23    Read more