School Programs


CAWP can design programs for teachers at a single school or for special grade/subject area teachers in two or more schools or across a district.

When and Where:  Programs usually meet at the school site at a time convenient for the school’s faculty, most often after school and generally for two-three hours.  Workshop can also be held on inservice days, Saturdays, and during the summer.

Topics of Workshops: Multiple sessions of interactive workshops on the following topics:  writing process, writing workshop, emergent literacy and primary writing, connecting reading and writing, writing to learn, writer’s craft (advanced), writing assessment (advanced), reading and writing in content areas and more.

Types of Services:

  • School Inservice
    Onsite workshops for groups of teachers or full faculties
  • School Workshop Series
    Three or more workshops focusing on a topic
  • Mini-Institutes 
    2- or 3-day mini-institutes or week long summer programs
  • Onsite Teacher Consultation 
    In-class teaching demonstrations and/or consultation sessions with individuals or small groups of teachers
  • Professional Reading Study Group
    Facilitate discussion of a professional book with a group of teachers on a monthly/ weekly basis to explore a topic
  • Teacher Inquiry GroupsOnsite
    Examine teaching practices and/ or look at student work with a group of teachers
  • Other Partnerships
    Multi-year programs conceived and designed together.  We can custom design a program for larger groups in districtwide programs.

Credit:  Participants can receive CPDUs for all CAWP programs.

Program Costs:  Includes workshop material and local travel costs.  Prices may vary depending on the group size or preparation.  Contact CAWP Director Dr. Barbara Kato at 312-355-4495 or to design and schedule a program or for pricing for larger groups and mini-institutes.

Approximately $225/ hr. one presenter for up to 25 participants

  • 3-hour or half-day workshop with one presenter/ $600; full-day/ $1,000
  • Coaching, consulting, and in-class demonstration $150/ hour
  • Pre- or post-program meeting  $150/ hour

Workshop series (usually with multiple presenters) approximately $325/hr.

  • After school 6-10-hour series/ $1,950-3,250, 15-hour/ $4,000/, 30-hour/ $8,000

Sample Program with Approximate Costs:After-school workshop series (15- to 30-hour) for 25 teachers with 15 additional hours of coaching in the classroom  $6,250-$10,250. Click here for CAWP Program Price Sheet 2019-2020.


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