2015-2016 Partnerships

This year, the Chicago Area Writing Project  has been partnering with the Center for the Collaborative Classroom (formerly the Developmental Studies Center).  We have had many requests from schools to help them develop curriculum for a school-wide writing program in addition to providing professional development.  While CAWP doesn’t promote any one writing program, we have found the Being a Writer program developed by the Center for the Collaborative Classroom to be a well thought out  writing program that is highly compatible with the National Writing Project’s emphasis on choice, authentic writing activities, and the importance of a supportive classroom environment for grades K-5.  We have asked CCC to provide free access to some of their wonderful online resources to schools who contract with CAWP for professional development but who are looking for materials that can provide a structure for their writing program.  For more information, please contact CAWP Director Dr. Barbara Kato bkato@uic.edu / 312-355-4495.


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