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We’re preparing our 2017-2018 calendar of PROGRAMS, but in the meantime…

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Please consider giving a one-time or recurring contribution to the Chicago Area Writing Project so that we can continue offering programs for teachers (e.g. professional development workshops, teacher inquiry projects, and leadership training) and for students (e.g. 2018 Scholastic Writing Award Ceremony and summer youth writing camps).

Click here to contribute by credit card. (Includes $1 to the National Writing Project) As part of the National Writing Project, CAWP is a registered nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, all contributions are tax-deductible.  You can donate anonymously or in honor of a favorite teacher, and you’ll receive an immediate e-mail receipt for your taxes.

You can also contribute by mailing a check payable to UIC-CAWP,  and we will send you an acknowledgement.  Send to:

Chicago Area Writing Project
University of Illinois at Chicago (MC 637                       
DHSP Bldg.                                                                                                                               1640 W. Roosevelt Road, Ste. 645                                                                                     Chicago, IL 60608-1316

Thanks so much for your generosity!



2017 Scholastic Writing Program       

Thanks to all the students and teachers who submitted work for this year’s Scholastic Art and Writing program.   Check www.artandwriting.org for more information and samples of student writing in each category.  If you’d like to start getting ready for next year, click here to see regional submission guidelines scholastic-2017-writing-categories-and-preparation-directions



CAWP offers professional development programs at your schools and in your districts in writing, reading, content area reading and writing, assessment including the PARCC and more. Click here for school program ideas and prices.  Click here for cawp-program-price-sheet-2016-2017


If you’re interested in hearing  about CAWP workshops and classes for individual teachers, add your name and email to our mailing list by clicking Contact Us .  Also, feel free to include the sessions/ topics that interest you in the comment section.  Hope to see you soon!


– Barbara Kato, CAWP Director